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Mycologists from Magic Myco created the Trinity magic mushroom. They initially crossed Penis Envy with Aztec God, then crossed the resulting strain with Tidal Wave, a shroom variety comprising Penis Envy and B+ strain. Since its creation, Trinity has received a lot of attention, mainly for its potency and unique genetic composition. Trinity is gradually becoming the strain every shroom enthusiast wants to try.

Used to describe three-in-one, the Trinity magic mushrooms result from the crossing of three legendary strains. The hybrid is highly coveted by shroom consumers and mycologists alike. Its above-average potency delivers stunning visuals, deep euphoria, and introspection. If you are looking for a shroom variety that provides a unique, wholesome experience, there is no better choice than the Trinity magic mushrooms. This piece features all the information you need to know about Trinity, including its genetics, appearance, potency, and the experience it provides.

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