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The 2nd Half

I was waiting to order at a coffee shop in Seattle. I had grabbed one of the local rags on my way in, and upon scanning the cover I saw a headline about microdosing in Silicon Valley. The story was about how microdosing LSD and psilocybin was becoming very popular as many people in the highly competitive startup industry felt it gave them an edge, made them more focused, creative and productive. Considering I was having a hard time thinking and sitting still at the same time on an average day, I didn’t see it hurting. 

As I did not feel confident in the idea of dividing up my own microdoses I looked for someone who was already doing it. Given the current marketplace, one wouldn’t think that that would be a challenge. When I learned of someone that was prepackaging mushroom microdoses I put in my order right away, and this is what I got.

Although I applaud the forward thinking, and it was a quality product, the information available on microdosing was a bit more limited at the time, and I was not in tune enough with my body in regards to how they were affecting me. I took them five days on and two days off. I would find myself having burst of energy and mild euphoria, then after a few days I would get edgy and easily agitated and then there were days I would be lethargic with a dull headache. Based on further research I think I was just doing too much and then trying to act normal, which was actually giving me increased anxiety. It was like being accidently high in front of seemingly unknowing parents. 

I still microdose mushrooms but have since refined my routine a little. Looking back at the DMT trip, I had gone into the experience asking a question about what to do to fix what was going on inside my head. Although I had no idea what the answer was going to be, what I got did not feel like they key – but more like a riddle. But it did then lead to further research about macrodosing and microdosing. Despite what seemed a perilous journey at times I feel very different. I don’t feel quite so out of control, and it has helped me let go at the same time. The equally fantastic thing is I have a renewed sense of confidence, one that makes me feel very capable in creating my reality how I want it to look. 

The psychedelic journey does not end here though; I have a lot yet to learn. Information that I find I will post on this forum, along with my trips down the rabbit hole.

Hello and goodbye,

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