How Mushrooms Improved my Relationship

Cabin fever would be the understatement of 2021. Getting in laughs during lockdown has been essential to keeping sane and un-divorced. I’d never have thought that a bar of chocolate would be my trip to fun town with my honey. Sincerely, this is how mushrooms improved my relationship… 


First, was the task of getting my man to consider taking his first dose of zoomies. Not much arm twisting required. He agreed and just like that, we busted out a Mighty Micro Smores bar. Splitting it (only recommended for OG’s…) we sat back for the ride.  

Within an hour- swimming from toes to temples the trip was upon us. Instantly, we both let loose. Giggling, living happy and absolutely care free. The peeks of pitch my husbands laughed reached, I still have not heard again. Like 2 kids totally tripping out, we were joined by tear jerking joy. 

I was able to see him, the way I had years ago… My fun, hilarious, hot dude. I appreciated him again. In those moments, the only world that existed was our little planet of two. We both needed each other, in a new way we hadn’t for years. 

Inevitably we came out of this experience happier, closer and excited for the next psylocibin bar. We experienced pure joy and together we laughed for 6 straight hours. Our stomach muscles hurt for days after. You can’t put a price on that kind of real, raw hilarity.  


No, we weren’t climbing on each other wanting to spoon or makeout. Scratch all ideas of cheesy roses and Kenny G music. Shrooming was not an amorous moment (for us), but a burst of bonding. Having been together almost a decade. It’s hard to find new things we both love. Throw in a child, a dog, jobs- rarely can we get out or cut loose. Tripping out (in our own home) has become out new fun secret.    

CONCLUSION – How Mushrooms Improved my Relationship

As adults, we all are forced to be serious. Work hard and forget excitement. But we all have that inner kid just waiting to bust out. Who knew a chocolate bar was the answer to not only fun. But the twist my relationship needed too.  

Thanks for reading! @WhippedGreenGirl 

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