A Mom’s Experience Microdosing

Every person needs happiness. As a mother, happy often takes a backseat to children climbing walls or grannies going a-wall. We live in a world where things keep moving faster and taking a breather is even harder. Overmedicated and often deflated… I went on a search for natural alternatives. Introducing my experience microdosing psilocybin. Yea, I started taking mushrooms, specifically Mighty Micro’s Psilocybin Golden Teacher blend.

No, I was not looking to Loathe in Las Vegas nor did I want to start tripping out like Alice in her hole. I just wanted to sprinkle in some natural happiness folks. Onto my psilocybin carpet ride. I was chasing the three main benefits Redditors and researchers preach: improved focus, creativity, and mood.

After 3 Days of Microdosing

First, I felt no psychedelic effects. In the beginning, I was not sure I was feeling any benefits. But strangely, I knew I was feeling something. It did not take more than a few days before I found myself more chill and creative. Instantly, I could note those two significant changes. I am by nature always anxious. I was hoping to cash in on some of those purported benefits, but alas… I think it will just take more time to tame this crazy horse.

After 2 Weeks of Microdosing

Taking breaks every few days. I kept popping a Mighty Micro capsule. Surprisingly, I felt like I was nesting all over again, wanting to tackle weird things… Old projects (from baking, blogging to wallpapering…) I am convinced it helped me feel more energetic and motivated.

Secondly, I was feeling levels of chill I have never known (even compared to being hawked up on loads of CBD concoctions…) Psilocybin found its sweet place in my system. To the joy of my husband and child too. Finally- short of being a scientist, I had a feeling my brain was getting help resetting to happy.

Microdosing Taught Me…

What I learned was that microdosing is not meant to get you high- but happy. After a few doses, was I a new woman? No… Is more research needed? Yes… But I stand behind this research and from my own experiences using psilocybin. I felt benefits, including new levels of calm- noticed and appreciated by those around me.

I want to keep on this microdosing trajectory and see where a year of dabbling could take me? Will I be painting the Sistine Chapel, not? But if it helps me paint-by-numbers with my daughter- void of flying off the handle over a few drops of paint on her clothes… I am all for microdosing after my experience.

Thanks for reading! @WhippedGreenGirl

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